About Evelin Marsh

Art is a story without words… my art is a way to share my story with the world.” Evelin Marsh of Evelin Marsh Studio is a self-taught artist, certified residential designer & women’s empowerment activist. Evelin’s vision has always been the source of her success. Evelin’s first success & entrepreneurial venture was studying Optometry (OD) and having her own optical business for 6 years in San Salvador, El Salvador before moving to the United States. Having grown up following the traditional path and studying to become an OD, she felt there was something more inside of her she was destined to create. Evelin moved to United States in 2005, as a single mother who spoke no English. At the time her 5 year old son acted as her translator as she worked to achieve the American dream. Today Evelin is proud to live in the US and be bilingual in Spanish & English.

Curated to represent her women’s empowerment movement, Evelin is driven by her motto “you bloom where you are planted.” With first hand experience she knows no matter what the circumstances or challenge, anyone’s dreams can become reality with hard work and a big heart.

In partnership with her husband, Evelin splits her time between working as a residential designer for new construction and creating the vibrant and colorful artwork for which she’s become renown. With no formal training, she discovered a natural gift in painting abstracts & geode resin masterpieces. It’s been said “she speaks with her soul on the whiteboard of a canvas” As a modern entrepreneur she is bringing awareness to her passion for supporting fellow female business owners locally and globally with her hashtag #WomenEmpoweringWomenPDX.