"Deep Love"- "Amor"

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"Deep Love"- "Amor"

"Deep Love"- "Amor"

Evelin Marsh

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Amor Profundo (2022) mixed media

“Deep love”

Inspired by the Maldives, this piece explores the relationship between land and sea. The glittering lights of the bungalows melt into the depths of the sea as an aerial view shows the wavering depths off sand and current. A bird’s eye view shows how the concept of home can be seen from afar with the comfort of shallow bays contrasted with the untouched depths of the sea. From an emotional perspective, it seeks to explore how pleasure interacts with the unfamiliar, leaving the viewer feeling secure and ready to explore new depths both in themselves and the world around them. The 24K gold leaf reminds the viewer of their value as a speck on Earth.

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